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Breast augmentation in Iran – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Perfect breast augmentation package in Iran with the best price to provide you fuller and more attractive breasts


• Provides fuller, sexier breasts

• Restores shape and size after pregnancy or breastfeeding

• Corrects asymmetry

• Boosts confidence and improves self-image


Breast augmentation – is also called as boob job, augmentation, mammoplasty or breast enlargement – is a kind of cosmetic surgery. Sometimes you think your breasts are so small or one is smaller than other. If you would like to create more attractive breast shape, breast augmentation can be your choice.

Breast augmentation is also beneficial for you if you want to adjust your breast after pregnancy, or to correct the size or asymmetry in your breasts.

You can enhance your self-confident by your corrected breast shape.

Sometimes it can be part of rebuilding of your breast in different conditions like breast reconstruction or recreating natural breast shape after special illness or cancer therapy. 

We offer you various plastic and cosmetic surgeries including breast augmentation.

We work with professional, experienced and board-certified surgeons and bring you professional counseling for shape, size, type of implant, location of incision and many more specialized items before surgery.

You can enhance your self-esteem and have a safe and enjoyable medical experience here! 


Most of breast Aug. clients are seeking for a more youthful appearance after losing the volume and the shape of their breast for any reason. Sometimes after pregnancy, nursing or diet you have lost weight and breast volume.

Accordingly, you would like to have your breast in natural form, its proper size and fullness which suits to your current body shape.

You may also want to improve your breast proportions to the rest of your body.

Sometimes uneven breasts are the reason for you to do breast augmentation.

If you have decided to do breast augmentation, IranMedGuide cosmetic services guide you through a variety options for this surgery.


First of all, you should consult with a plastic surgeon. If you decide to act, you should sign a consent letter of completely being informed of this procedure then you choose your desired size and appearance of your breasts.

The surgeon will present you different options of implants and also surgical techniques. In this regard, the surgeon will ask you to:

• Do a Blood test

• Do a Baseline mammogram

• Take Certain medications or adjust your current medications

• Stop some medications like aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs because they may increase bleeding

• Stop taking recreational drugs, such as codeine

• Stop smoking


Breast augmentation like all surgeries have potential risks.

Besides, this surgery is completely personalized and depends on your decision.

Accordingly, you should sign a consent letter prior to surgery that you are being completely informed of any probable risks.

These risks may include:

• Scar tissue that changes the shape of the breast implant 

• Breast pain

• Implant leakage or rupture

• Infection

• Changes in nipple and breast sensation

• If any of these complications happen it may be need to do more surgery either to remove or to replace the implants.


You should be aware of the following items: 

Breast implant does not prevent breast sagging.

If you intend to correct sagging, breast lift also should be added to this surgery to have fuller and lifted breasts (depends on your individual medical plan it may be done separately or simultaneously).

It is also important to note that breast implants last for about 10 years however other factors of aging like fluctuation of weight may influence on breast appearance.

Most of the time breast feeding after implant is possible but, in some cases, it can be challenging for some others. After breast augmentation surgery you may expect to have: 

• Fullness and projection of your breasts

• Balance of breast and hip contours

• Improve your self-esteem with enhancing self-image


What is breast augmentation (mammoplasty or boob job)?

Breast augmentation or mammoplasty is also known as breast enlargement is a kind of cosmetic surgery. Sometimes weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding and due to reduction in the mass or even the shape of your breast encourages you to do breast augmentation. Breast augmentation improves your appearance and your self-esteem.

What are the benefits of breast augmentation in Iran?

Nowadays, there is a great interest towards cosmetic surgeries in Iran so the number of cosmetic surgeons has been increased. World class hospitals, professional and board-certified surgeons along with experienced and friendly mannered staff, state of art medical facilities makes breast augmentation safe and affordable. As a result many health tourists do cosmetic surgeries in Iran each year.

Can breast augmentation increase the risk of breast cancer?

Many clients are interested to know whether the implant used in breast can make breasts prone to breast cancer or not. Indeed, implants do not delay the detection of breast cancer. Many studies and researches show that implants do not make problem the patient or their physician in finding tumors. In conclusion and based on evidence based studies breast implant patients with no history of breast cancer have the same chance of getting cancer or not for 5 years, just like the  women without implants.

What is the appropriate age for breast augmentation?

Many clients are in their 40s and 50s and catch good results in breast augmentation. However, the patients in the 30s years old with two children are also among common clients for breast augmentation surgery. Regardless of your age, we suggest you to schedule a consultation to find the best approach toward your cosmetic goals.

Is it necessary to have an experience of pregnancy before breast augmentation?

As a matter of fact Pregnancy and breast feeding alter with the size and shape of breast regardless of previous implants. Of course these changes may adversely affect the cosmetic appearance breast that is previously augmented. It is usually recommended that pregnancy should be postponed until 6 months after the surgery. Implants are also safe for breast feeding and studies didn’t show any risk for babies.

Will my nipple sensation or feeling change?

Most women report loss of sensation after breast augmentation. This usually lasts 6-12 months after surgery. It is also reported that about 15% of women, however, have permanent alterations in nipple sensation.

When can I return to my daily activities?

Walking is recommended for patients immediately after surgery. However, it is better to delay exercise for about six months after surgery. It is important to note that some exercises like weight lifting, biking, jogging and other intense activities may shift the position of implants or alter with wound healing and thus the shape of breast changes to undesirable form.

Will I need additional surgeries?

To reach optimal symmetry additional surgeries may be needed.You may desire to do breast lifts or other supporting procedures. It is suggested to consult with your surgeon prior to breast augmentation for the possibility of additional procedures after this surgery.

When can I return to work?

Returning to works depends on your job and its physical demands. There are some common guidelines including stopping movements in upper arms for the first 1-2 weeks. You should avoid lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds at least for 6 weeks. This lifting restriction may cause to postpone your work for weeks.

Can I tolerate the pain of breast augmentation?

It is often in the moderate range and generally can be well controlled with medication in the first 1-2 weeks following the surgery. It is important to note that severe or untreatable pain following surgery can mean infection or another complication.

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