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Plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Iran

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are two different types of procedures that aim to enhance appearance or reconstruction. Although these two types of surgery may be known the same, they are technically distinct from each other. They are related to each other for aesthetic purposes. Plastic surgery aims to reconstruct and repair tissue that may be burned, damaged, missed and so on. Plastic surgery helps to regain the function of related skin or tissue. So the main purpose of plastic surgery is a normal function of the body. Nonetheless, cosmetic surgery aims to enhance the appearance of the body. Symmetry beauty and proportion are focal points of cosmetic surgery. There is also noteworthy that cosmetic surgeries are elective and may involve other specialists including plastic surgeons in the procedure.

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction of body deformities and defects. Some congenital disorders bring deformity in the face and body, sometimes due to crash, disease or burn some areas of the body may need to be repaired or reconstructed. In these cases, plastic surgery helps patients to reconstruct their deformed body or tissue. Plastic surgery may include

• Congenital diseases such as cleft lips and cleft palate reconstruction

• Scar revision following recent surgery

• Reconstruction of burned Skin or burned tissue  

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy 

• Hands reconstruction or lower limb reconstruction surgery

Reputation and experience of Iranian plastic surgeons have been globally known. Expertise, qualification, and proficiency of plastic surgeons set the ground for international patients to do plastic surgery in Iran with state-of-the-art techniques in modern clinics.

What is Plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Iran?

Cosmetic surgery focuses on improving the appearance of the patient through the minimally invasive operation. This surgery is elective and the entire goal of the operation is aesthetic and proportion. It is considered that cosmetic surgery may be operated by a wide range of specialists including plastic surgeons. Facial parts, neckbreast, abdomen and all parts of the body can be operated through cosmetic surgery. All the areas of the body can be operated through the cosmetic approach. You can find the best quality services in cosmetic surgeries in Iran.

Iran is considered as the top 5 cosmetic destination surgeries in the world. The finest treatment with the most well-known surgeons, the affordable price in world-class clinics and cutting-edge technologies make Iran as a hub for cosmetic surgeries. 

Cosmetic surgeries may include:

Breast augmentationbreast lift, breast reduction

RhinoplastyblepharoplastyOtoplastychin and cheek augmentation or reduction

• The tummy tuckgynecomastialiposuction

• Botox, Filler treatment, laser resurfacing

and many more.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Iran

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